Team Kano Magenta, 3rd place winners of USPF Changemakers Challenge 2017

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Kano Magenta team won 3rd place and went home with N500,000
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Kano Magenta Team with Timothy
Post by @myzango2010

Earlier in 2017, Ibrahim M. Adam and I began a mentorship session for some young girls from various secondary schools in Kano state, this training sessions were organized and sponsored by an NGO, Reliable Systems Initiative (RSI) to enable the girls participate in the 2017 Technovation Challenge. RSI is committed to improving the quality of life
by providing access to qualitative health care and education for
women and children.

We took the girls through completing the Hour of Code and Building various applications with the MIT App Inventor such as Mole Mash, PaintPot, Talk-to-me etc…

We needed to build a solution to be submitted for the Technovation challenge, the RSI team (comprising of Dr. Salisu Suleiman Yau, Hajiya Altine Umar, Mr. Shehu Bello, and Mr. Mahmud Musa ) came up with brilliant ideas to local problems, which are:

  1. Garuwa — An App that gives access to clean and safer water, with additional features such as leakage reporting and information on water sensitization.
    You can call it the “Uber” for Water and it is available on playstore for testing..
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Garuwa App on Google Playstore

2. MNH — An App that helps signify the 8 maternal danger signs in pregnant women and also enables them to make emergency requests.

Alot of research was done on both solutions at different levels, for the Garuwa App, we visited water plants in the state and water vendors in various locations, we analyzed the problems faced in the supply of clean water and decided to build on that.

However, after hours spent on building the app and trying to make a “perfect” pitch video, we did not qualify for the technovation challenge 2017, but we learnt alot…

The participants were exposed to how solutions are built, research processes, basic programming skills, networking skills, among others…
As mentors, we also learnt alot that would help us subsequently.

Months later, we saw the USPF Changemaker Challenge 2017, a nationwide competition open to innovators, software developers, UX designers, students and other ICT enthusiasts in Nigeria.
We applied as “Team Kano Magenta” with the “Garuwa” App as our solution, which is in accordance with the 6th SDG. Our participants were Fatima Bint Mahmud (18years old) and Mariya Sanusi (13years old).

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SDG #6

Just after some weeks, we got a mail that we got qualified to be part of the 30 teams selected (top 5 teams from each 6 geo political regions in Nigeria) from a total of 226 teams that applied nationwide.
This prompted some serious preparations as the pitch event drew nearer.

Along with the RSI team, we were able to prepare the participants for the pitch with the guidelines from the USPF organizers.
The NGO, Reliable Systems Initiative (RSI) prepared the participants and I for the trip to Lagos for the USPF National Finals, which was scheduled for Oct. 27 and Oct. 28, 2017.

On the first day of the finals, Team Kano Magenta qualified among the top 10 out of the 30 teams , this gave us more courage to prepare better for the final pitch to the panel of judges.

Finally, we were announced number 3 out of the 10 innovative and game changing solutions that made it to the finalist :-D

Post by Ah Med In
Team Kano Magenta annouced 3rd Place Winner for the USPF Challenge 2017

A message from one of our team members…

We would like to start putting up the business and see how it is going to be.
Whether it will be accepted by the people or other wise. And we could like to setup something that will eradicate poverty in Nigeria. We want Nigeria to become great. We need change and the change starts from us.
The young innovators.
-My message for other ladies who have ideas on technology or are willing to be young innovators is to hold on to what they are willing to be or what they want to know.
Because educating a woman is educating a nation.

Software Engineer @DigitalMercurie I Google Developer Expert for Cloud | |

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