Building your personal developer website with GitHub.Dev 👌 homepage

It’s all possible using the combination of Jekyll (for building your website), GitHub Pages (for hosting your website), and GitHub’s API (for automatically populating your website with content).

1. Getting Started 🚀

Ensure that you’re forking the repository into your personal Github account.

2. Publish your Website ✨

i. Click on Settings
ii. Scroll down to GitHub Pages and Select Source to be Master Branch
Renaming website URL

3. Website Customizations 😍

i. Layout

ii. Style

iii. Projects

iv. Topics

v. Social Media

Here’s my _config.yaml file in case you need to see it all 😀
My Personal Website (after customization)

4. Adding New Pages and Blog Posts 🆕

i. Add New Page

layout: default
My contact.html file
Website Contact Page

ii. Add New Blog Post

title: "Welcome to Github Website Generator!"

5. Custom Domain 🔗

It’ll be nice to see more awesome personal websites owned by developers, do share your own personal website in the comments, and let me know if I missed any step, if something didn’t work out quite right for you or if this guide was helpful. Checkout my personal website here




Software / DevOps Engineer | Google Developer Expert for Cloud |

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Software / DevOps Engineer | Google Developer Expert for Cloud |

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